Thornz Technical Information

Thornz Landscapes has all the equipment for your upcoming landscaping job. 

Our Bobcat T180 skid steer loader is a rubber track machine with very low ground pressure (around 4.5 psi) which is great for wet, soft or sandy conditions as well as steep slopes.

We also have the following Bobcat attachments:

Power rake

Levelling frame

Bucket and rippers

Pallet forks

Grader blade

Concrete hopper

Log grapple​

Our Bobcat 430 compact excavator is a 4 tonne zero swing machine on rubber tracks. This is great for getting into tight spaces and doing foundation excavation works. This machine is also fitted with a tilt bucket and thumb for handling/stacking rocks, green waste, logs or whatever is in our way.

For the larger excavations and site works we have a Komatsu PC100 which can reach a lot further and cut the ground faster. This has a range of buckets including a tilt wide bucket which helps to contour the land and finish our jobs very efficiently when needed.

Our many trucks from 3-tonne payload to 11-tonne payload help us to be efficient in the moving of materials from tight access sites to larger earth moving projects.

Efficient Solutions with Thornz Landscapes

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