Foundations and Siteworks​

One of the things that our customers find very helpful, is that at Thornz Landscapes, we are able to work with the homeowner or builder from the beginning to end of the project.

With a full range of the necessary earth moving equipment and the experience required, we can ensure the foundation excavation is completed to the standard you require.​

Our team removes the soil to the depth required for the new foundation and ensures that the base is firm through compaction tests or compaction equipment, if necessary. We understand that the dig requirements are precise, so we use a laser level and transit to match the grade posted by the surveying crew. After the foundation contractor pours the footings and stem wall, we can backfill inside the new foundation.

“It is more cost-effective for one company to work on the project from start to finish,” says Sam. “We are able to work with the builder to make the process run smoothly”.

—Sam Thorn

Efficient Solutions with Thornz Landscapes

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