About Thornz Landscaping

We pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment and the condition we maintain them. The same applies to your project, we take pride in our work and will keep your site tidy through to completion—finishing works and detail is one of our specialities.

Sam Thorn has been working in landscaping all of his life. His parents owned a landscaping business and Sam had plenty of opportunities to learn as he was growing up. Over time Sam found himself doing more and more groundworks, foundations, driveways and hard landscaping. His clients appreciated being able to work with one person from the start to finish of the project. Thornz Landscapes now primarily do foundations, driveways, lawns and hard landscaping.

Thornz Landscaping Ltd is a North Canterbury- based company specializing in lawn and driveway construction, and all excavation services. We offer specialist equipment and attachments to effectively complete your projects.

“Sam came to our property and came up with great ideas that gave us cost-saving methods that saved us time and money which meant we got more than we had expected for our budget and a better-finished product, I advise talking to Sam as early in the project as possible."

—Will Evans

Efficient Solutions with Thornz Landscapes

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